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Relief for neck pain – Osteopathic approach

Relief for neck pain

When Covid began in Melbourne, Australia in the early months of 2020 no one could fathom the impact it would have on our lives. A huge portion of the community was required to work from home. Getting told most often with little notice that one is required to work from home came with its set of pros and cons. Most of us got out sleep in and avoided the exhaustion from travel.

But we paid the price with being required to work in poorly set up make shift work spaces. It was the least of our troubles as we were in the middle of a pandemic. But have you taken a step back to look at what it has done to your body?
It is all about your posture.

You have organised working from home and by the end of the second day it has proven to be a real pain in the neck. You dinning chair is your seat and your kitchen counter is your table. So, what do you actually look out for when you set it up?

Your feet should be flat on the ground
Your knees should be at or below the level of your hips
Your arms should have a place to rest with everything like your mouse and keyboard in close proximity
Your eyes should be in line with your screen.

Neck Pain

Sounds simple enough! A lot of us get it wrong and opt for the couch as working from home is temporary.
So once you have addressed your ergonomics, you now need a few ways to combat the pain in your neck.
Combat your neck pain by Conditioning your muscles.

These few neck stretches can help address the fatigue your neck muscles endure when sitting for prolonged periods of time.
Sit nice and tall on a chair. While looking straight ahead bring your left ear to your left shoulder. Hold this for 30 sec and repeat 3 -5 times a day. If you are feeling the gentle stretch at the side of your neck you are on the right track.

Follow this by another stretch. Sitting in that chair – nice and tall bring your nose to your armpit. Hold this for 30 sec and repeat 3 -5 times a day. This one often referred to as a trapezius stretch is aimed at the neck but more to the back.
Now if you want to see good results you really need to keep stretching.


As simple as it sounds, this tip comes with its set of challenges. We get so engrossed in our work that we forget to break it up. Remember our bodies were not designed to be shackled to a chair so it is only natural we get sore neck and backs. A quick way to address this is to set a reminder on your computer.


‘Movement’ is key to managing postural issues. Simple neck movements like chin to your chest and rotating your neck from left to right can be very beneficial. With the remainder of your spine, you can incorporate movement by giving yourself a hug and rotating from left to right.
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