Why do you need to see an Osteopath?

When should I see an OSTEOPATH ?

I get it it’s confusing and hence I do appreciate the question .

Simply put if you are in pain or discomfort you would benefit from seeing one of the Osteopaths at Osteowise Health Care – SYDENHAM . At some point all of us have aches and pain but when they start becoming more apparent or affecting how you are living your lives then it is definitely time to visit your local Osteo Clinic. As a guide with musculoskeletal conditions the quicker you see someone the better the results. .

Let me break it down for you. Here are the most common conditions where patients would consider seeing an Osteopath.

You’re in Pain:  If you are experiencing pain for a few days or if it is moderate to severe pain an Osteopath can help. Acute conditions can be confusing and my job as a qualified and trusted Osteopath is to find the root cause of your pain and treat it. It’s a no brainer. Stop taking panadol and neurofen and visit our Osteopathic Clinic in Sydenham.

You have had an noticeable injury : Injuries can happen in various scenarios. You may endure a strain or a sprain and Osteopaths can definitely help.

You feel very limited in your movement: At all ages patients’ can experience stiffness. It is mostly pre-existing but what many patients dont realize is that a vast portion of  muscle tightness and joint stiffness it is amplified and driven by lifestyles. Experienced Osteopaths at Osteowise Health Care  can use a range of techniques to address the structures which are  contributing to your stiffness.

You have had it for as long as you can remember: You may have scoliosis or disc injuries or mechanical lower back pain. You may have systemic conditions like the arthritis. The experienced Osteopaths at Osteowise Health Care are qualified to help with chronic conditions.

We work all day: A bulk of patient who we see as Osteopaths have postural fatigue. They sit at the desk all day 5-6 days a week. They feel tight and stiff in the early stages and later on start developing back pain or neck pain with headaches. The qualified and experienced osteopaths at your local osteo clinic can definitely help address the issues this environment creates and give you a management plan to help keep issues at bay.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care: As you go through the pregnancy journey you might experience sciatica, hip pain, thumb pain or  back pain. The list goes on.  All this is driven by the fact that your body is constantly adapting to try and grown your baby. As OSTEOPATHS our approach can be a safe & non-invasive option to taking care of you while managing these issues.

To summarise the Osteopaths at Osteowise Health Care Sydenham are allied health professional who are aiming to give you the Best Osteopathic Care possible. We do this by working as a team with your GP or other relevant health care providers when needed.

How do I book an Osteo Appointment with an Osteopath near me?

Osteowise Health Care is located in Sydenham. You can secure or check availability for an appointment via this link